Heads & Hearts

June 26 - October 12, 2014

At the end of their first year in PAFA’s MFA program, Yoni Hamburger and Ashley Wick received the MFA Faculty Exhibition Award. This prestigious prize, awarded by the PAFA Graduate Faculty based on a student’s promise and vision, offers the graduate a rare opportunity to exhibit current work one year after graduation.

In Heads & Hearts, Wick and Hamburger explore the spaces between mind, heart, representation, and conception. As Hamburger observes his subjects, he attempts to penetrate the complexity of emotions that are often barricaded within the psyche. Wick enters the realm of Heads & Hearts by creating paintings and animations that trigger memories and desires.

Above (left): Yoni Hamburger, Jon Making Music (detail), 11 x 17”, oil on panel, 2014, image courtesy of the artist; (right) Ashley Wick, High Five, 16 x 20” (detail), oil on canvas, 2014, image courtesy of the artist.