Post-Bacc Overview

Creative Self-Discovery

Students in the “Post-Bacc” (Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Graduate Studies) have already completed an undergraduate degree and have a substantial amount of studio art-making experience. They want to spend a year devoted to the development of their artwork while being immersed in a rigorous, supportive environment. The Post-Bacc student is part of an artistic community in which each student is a distinct and creative individual.

In the Post-Bacc program, students develop a strong and competitive body of work to prepare for application to an MFA program or to change artistic direction or media. The focus is on the traditional disciplines of painting, sculpture and printmaking, while acknowledging the multiple facets and fluid parameters of each. The program anchors these disciplines with drawing courses and discussion seminars intended to educate the mind and strengthen the studio work of each individual.

Graduate Studio Facilities

All Master of Fine Arts and Post-Baccalaureate students are provided a private studio in the Samuel M. V. Hamilton Building and have access to the galleries of the Academy’s renowned collection of historic and contemporary American art. Studios have 24-hour secure access and are maintained within a facility with outstanding safety and security features. The new facilities in the Hamilton Building meet all safety and access requirements.

Chair of Graduate Programs

Clint Jukkala


Michael Moore
Jan Baltzell
Mark Blavat
Neysa Grassi