PAFA A Tradition Redefined Header Image

At PAFA, tradition is redefined by each artist’s own experience of challenge and discovery.

Artistic Immersion

An intense immersion in artmaking, PAFA provides a fine arts education unlike any other. Anchored in a rich heritage of artistic achievement, PAFA students are challenged and inspired by the tradition of excellence displayed on the walls of our Museum.

Studio-Centered Training

A studio arts training in drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture gives the skills, intellect and creativity needed for a lifelong pursuit of making art. Our programs—from the historic all studio-based Certificate to our professionally oriented Master of Fine Arts degree—provide each artist with a balance of foundational skills, depth of discipline and intellectual context.

A Community of Artists

PAFA is a vibrant community of artists, curators, critics and teachers who create a world of complex, diverse and provocative art-making. This community celebrates the often exhilarating and demanding act of creation. PAFA’s arts community provides inspiration and stimulus for individual expression. We invite you to come and see for yourself.