Graduate Programs

The MFA Degrees and the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

The graduate program at PAFA is transformational. Whatever your background or experience as an artist, you will be thrown into a community atmosphere of intense discovery and challenge. Your work, your assumptions and your sense of yourself will be questioned and provoked by a faculty of working artists that offers a range of experiences and points of view. A large and diverse body of fellow student artists, working in many different artistic directions, will become your peer group. A program of visiting artists and critics will expose you to both new and established ideas in contemporary art making. PAFA’s museum hosts changing exhibitions of world-class art and artists as well as a distinguished collection of historic and contemporary American art. The Annual Student Exhibition, held each year in the Museum galleries, attracts over 11,000 critics, patrons, artists and the arts public.

The goal of the graduate programs at PAFA is to give you the tools, the skills and the intellectual basis for a lifetime of creative achievement.

There Are Three Programs of Graduate Studies at PAFA

The Master of Fine Arts degree program is for students who have completed an undergraduate degree, and who wish to pursue a full-time, two-year program devoted to the development of their work.  The MFA program provides an intense and transformative immersion in contemporary art making in a large and supportive community of artists, critics, visiting speakers, seminar leaders and fellow students.

In the summer of 2015, PAFA is introducing the Low-Residency Master of Fine Arts degree program. This is the ideal program for students who desire the community, support and rigor of a traditional MFA, but are seeking a more flexible structure to fit their lives and schedules.  Similar to PAFA’s traditional MFA, the Low-Residency program focuses on independent studio work and is interdisciplinary in nature, welcoming a wide range of approaches to art-making.

The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in graduate studies is for artists who have already completed an undergraduate degree and have a substantial amount of studio art-making experience. Students in this program spend a year devoted to the development of their studio practice and artwork while being immersed in a rigorous, supportive environment.